Saturday, June 26, 2010


Herriman Saturday

Sunday, November 24 1907 -- It's time for winter baseball in California, when (as Herriman so ably illustrates) many of the biggest stars from the Major Leagues back south head to sunny California to play the winter away for extra cash. In the inset vignette in the lower left we have pitcher Harry McIntire who, despite a fabulous arm, had a dismal winning percentage with the hapless Brooklyn Superbas. He'd get a chance to really shine when he went to the Cubs in 1910. Unfortunately I can't figure out Herriman's script on the other gent.

By the way, this is a minor milestone for the blog -- post number 1500 today. Doesn't the Stripper ever shut up?


I don't feel qualified to comment on 103 year old American sports satire, but I do love looking at Herriman's lines and compositions.
No one cross-hatches like Herriman.
Hello, Allan----The other fellow in this cartoon is "Scrappy" Danny Shay (1876-1927)(Spelled "Shea" by Herriman), a shortstop, later manager, prone to little loyalty. He jumped from one team to another, from the established eastern teams to the minor-league California clubs. He was active from c. 1900 to 1917. In 1917, he was managing the upstart Federal league's Kansas City team. After a game in Indianapolis, he was dining at a restaraunt and deep in his cups, when he shot a black waiter for percieved rudeness. He beat the rap in an apparently obvious miscarriage of justice. He was a employed as a baseball scout after this. In bad health, he committed suicide on Dec. 1, 1927 in Kansas City. -----Cole Johnson.
Thanks Cole!
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