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News of Yore 1908: Sssh! You'll Get Me in Trouble!

Special Press Service Big Newspapers

Will Include Fiction, Humor, Dramatic Criticism and Circulation Boosters
The Fourth Estate, 7/18/1908

Henry Edward Warner, general press representative of the Shubert enterprises, leaves that position August 1 to establish a novel newspaper enterprise.

Donald Morris Jones, who has been Mr. Warner's assistant, will be associated with him in the venture, which will furnish specials and circulation boosters to the larger newspapers of New York and the country generally.

Ryan Walker will be in charge of the cartoon department.

The matter to be sent out will be known as the Wardon Specials and will include fiction, humor, dramatic criticism, photographs and occasional humorous articles by Mr. Warner, who formerly wrote over the nom-de-plume of "Sidelights" for the Denver Times and Baltimore News and who organized and was first president of the American Press Humorists.

Mr. Warner was born in Ohio thirty-four years ago and was educated at the University of California and U.S. Grant University, Chattanooga, Tenn. When about twelve years old he published a paper of his own, called the University Sun. He became city editor of the Chattanooga Times, Knoxville Journal and Tribune, Baltimore News and Denver Times; acted as press agent for Sarah Bernhardt and was appointed general press representative of the Shubert enterprises.

Mr. Jones, who is a graduate of the Temple College, Philadelphia, was born twenty-seven years ago and began his business life with the Ireland Advertising Agency. He made a tour of the best part of the world as a representative of Eugen Sandow, the strong man, and this season became assistant general press representative of the Shubert enterprises.

Letters to the Editor
July 25 1908

Sir: Howard Miller, president of the International Syndicate, Baltimore, Md., requests me to write you regarding the announcement which appeared in the last issue of The Fourth Estate relative to my being engaged by the Wardon News Syndicate as their cartoonist. The announcement was a slight mistake, and I sanction Mr. Miller's request to have it corrected. I am at present cartooning for the International Syndicate, and anticipate doing no cartoons for any other organization.

In justice to Mr. Warner, however, allow me to explain that I promised him some time ago to do theatrical caricatures for a theatrical feature, provided it did not conflict with any service put out by the syndicate I am now connected with. Doubtless Mr. Warner made the simple mistake in using the word "cartoons" instead of "caricature."

Signed, Ryan Walker


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