Wednesday, May 11, 2011


News of Yore 1909: News Round-Up

All these items appeared in The Fourth Estate:

January 2: The Outcault Advertising Company, Chicago, owners of the Buster Brown comic pictures, have begun a suit for $1,824.90 against the Smith Baking Company of Kansas City. This amount is alleged to be due the plaintiffs for the exclusive use in Kansas City of the Buster Brown service, which the bakers used.

January 9: The Toledo Times has followed the example of the Boston Herald and abolished the use of comic supplements.

January 23: Elmer Bache, cartoonist of the Spokane Orator-Outburst, has given up his position and returned to New York.

January 30: T.C. McClure has retired from the active management of the McClure Newspaper Syndicate. He is succeeded by R.B. McClure, who for a number of years has been associated with him in the management of this business. Mr. McClure intends to devote his attention in the future to work of an encyclopedic nature.

February 6: Ferdinand G. Long, a well known comic artist with the New York Evening World, is the originator of a new "Billikins." He has christened his funny little model, "Bub, the Cherub of Cheer."

February 20: The Star League newspapers of Indiana, comprising the Indianapolis, Terre Haute and Muncie Stars, have resumed the colored comic supplement service with their Sunday papers. The Star papers discontinued this feature some time ago, believing that they could increase their circulation and advertising business without it.

March 6: Homer Davenport, the well known cartoonist of the New York Evening Mail, was cut by broken glass Sunday when the taxicab in which he was riding crashed into a tree in Central Park.

March 20: O.P. Williams, the cartoonist who in 1904 went from the Boston Herald to the Philadelphia Public Ledger, is again drawing cartoons for the Boston Herald.


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