Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Welcome to Alex Jay!

Alex Jay has accepted my invitation to become a contributor to the Stripper's Guide blog, and his first official post was yesterday. Of course you have seen his byline on the blog before, but always previously in posts filtered through me, or in the form of comments.

Alex is an absolute wiz at digging up biographical information about comic creators, and his posts will be primarily geared in that direction. I know we all wonder who in the world some of these nigh-anonymous cartooning folks are, myself most definitely included. I have no gift for genealogical-type research, but Alex definitely has the touch for unearthing often surprising information about these folks. I can't wait for his post on Billy Liverpool, for instance -- there will be surprises!

I hope you'll all join me in offering a hearty welcome to Alex, a great addition to our newspaper comics sleuthing arsenal here at the blog!

Have enjoyed Alex contributions to the blog so far. And I'm sure looking forward to more! :)
You both do a great job in bringing us readers obscure art and bios on forgotten artists of the past!
Looking forward to Alex's fascinating posts!
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