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Herriman Saturday

Sunday, February 9 1908 -- Herriman has a full page as his playground for this Sunday magazine article about Albert H. Woods, theatrical producer. The text is a bit too small to read on this image, so I'll give you the capsule version:

Woods made his success with unpretentious melodramas, like "Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model" and "Bowery After Dark", that appealed to common people. His modus operandi was to come up with a catchy title and an eye-catching poster, then have a writer pen the play to fit. Woods had a stable of favorite playwrights, including Theodore Kremer, Owen Davis and Hal Reid. Woods earned the sobriquet 'King of Melodramania'.

Evidently later on Woods made a name for himself in the 'legitimate' theatre


I bought a Mutt and Jeff hand drawn framed illistration dated Feb. 26th 1917 and it is signed Dick Didit?

I would like to find out more about this drawing if possible.
Thanks for any help you can give.
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