Saturday, September 17, 2011


Herriman Saturday

Saturday, February 15 1908 - Another big boxing match is in the offing -- Jimmy Britt and Battling Nelson are getting set for a lightweight brawl in L.A. These two have met in the ring three times before, with Britt getting the nod twice on points. Both fighters had been in the game about five years by this point, but Britt was in the twilight of his career whereas Nelson would go on for almost another decade in the ring.

Did you notice that famed cartoonist Jimmy Swinnerton gets caricatured in this collection of vignettes? And have you noticed that Herriman's duck, someday to be known as Gooseberry Sprig and have a strip of his own, is now a regular mascot to his sports cartoons?

Sam Coulter, the fellow with the bandaged ear, was a local boxer; he has only two known professional fights, both of which he won. Dick Dunnigan was a local attorney; I don't know why he had privileged access to Jimmy Britt.


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