Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Wrigley's Sunday Comic Strip Ads -- Part III

Last batch of Wrigley Sunday comic ads today. First we have a nice jam page, published October 9 1926, with characters from the Katzenjammer Kids, Tillie the Toiler, Boob McNutt, Toots and Casper and Freddie the Sheik.

Next, a strip published November 14 1926 featuring one panel each of (in order) Russ Westover's Tillie the Toiler, Knerr's Katzenjammer Kids, Chic Young's Dumb Dora, Freddie the Sheik by Jack Callahan, Harry Hershfield's Abie the Agent, and Jimmy Murphy's Toots and Casper.

Finally, bringing up the rear, we end with Pat Sullivan's Felix, presumably ghosted, as always, by Otto Messmer. This one was published May 1 1927.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans of all these great ads!

Oh, and if you're wondering what in the world P.K. stands for, it's Philip Knight Wrigley, son of William Wrigley the gum magnate. All together now .... awww, isn't that sweet.


Would these ads appear in a comic section outside of the Hearst chain?
Hello----Going against the trend of the actual artists contributing to these ads, the "Everybody's Doing It" episode has the Toots and Casper panel by Doc Winner.
Hi Mark --
I haven''t seen them elsewhere. I'd guess that Hearst volunteered the services of his cartoonists for this probably exclusive ad campaign. I wonder how many other ads there were in this series though?

Since King Features produced these, I wonder if "Tad" ever did one?
Never heard of Freddie the Sheik!

That's ought to be a Obscurity of the Day feature to talk about!!!
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