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Ink-Slinger Profiles: Paul F. Brown

Paul F. Brown was born in Concord, New Hampshire in the early 1870s, either in 1871, according to a New York Times obituary, or in 1873 as recorded in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census. According to the census he lived in Concord, New Hampshire at 179 State Street, with his mother and maternal grandparents. The fate of his father is not known. His grandfather was a blacksmith. Information about his education and art training has not been found.

The date of his move to Boston is not known. He was listed in the Boston Directory 1892-1893, found at, "Brown, Paul F. artist, 246 Wash. bds. at W. Medford". The Times obituary said, "He started his career as a newspaper artist in 1898 with the old Boston Record, where he made chalk plates, once used in reproducing sketches. He also worked part-time for The Herald here. Later he became a Herald staff artist, serving for forty years until his retirement five years ago….He was a former president of the Boston Press Club and for many years was a member of the organization's board of trustees."

Brown has not been found in the 1900 census. The Boston Directory 1900 recorded this entry, "Brown Paul F illustrator 246 Washington, rms. 33 [Hancock]". The Boston Herald reported the Boston Press Club election on March 15, 1901.

...Paul F. Brown, artist of the Boston Record and Advertiser, was elected treasurer. Mr. Brown for a number of years had charge of the stewardship of the club, and performed his work in such an able manner that his election to the treasurership was unanimous.....

He was unanimously elected president of the press club in 1903 as reported in the Boston Journal on March 13. According to the Times obituary, Brown married Anna in 1904; it was his second marriage, as noted in the 1910 census. The census said the couple lived in Boston, Massachusetts at 85 Pinckney Street. His occupation was illustrator at a studio. The Times said, "Mr. Brown during the first World War was in charge of the Navy's camouflage division at New Orleans, where he directed the camouflaging of ships."

The 1920 census recorded the couple in Boston at 29 Rosseter Street. The Boston Directory 1920 had this listing, "Brown Paul F commercial artist 170 Summer rm 416 h at N Weymouth". He has not been found in the 1930 census, but he was listed in the Boston Directory 1930, "Brown Paul F art dept 171 Tremont h 11 Everett Camb". The 1939 directory identified his employer, "Brown Paul F (Anne I) art dept Herald-Trav r 902 Beacon"; he worked at the Herald-Traveler.

The Boston Directory 1944 had this entry, "Brown Paul F administration dept Herald-Trav r W Gardner Maine". Brown passed away, after a long illness, on December 8, 1944, according to the Times.


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