Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Black History Month on the Stripper's Guide Blog!

It's huge! It's amazing! It's unprecedented! It's a month-long look at black-produced newspaper comics on Stripper's Guide! Never before has the blog done a month-long theme, but we're all about breaking new ground here, so we're going to observe and celebrate Black History Month with no less than 20 posts about black creators and their features (weekends will be our normal Herriman Saturdays and Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics).

We'll begin the month with a series  of posts covering the career of Melvin Tapley, and then the rest of the month will be a miscellany of other features and creators. Be here tomorrow for the start of the festivities!

Can you do A.C. Hollingsworth? I have a couple of his Scorchy Sundays but did not scan them the first time around an dnow they are somewhere in a pile.
Hi Ger --
I have no plans to do Hollingsworth, but you never know, Alex Jay might just surprise us both!

Best, Allan
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