Saturday, April 28, 2012


Herriman Saturday

Wednesday, March 4, 1908 -- The fight last night between Jimmy Britt and Battling Nelson was, because of anti-gambling laws, technically only an exhibition. So who won? Well, there's quite a difference of opinion, with important boxing writers siding pretty evenly between Nelson, Britt and a draw between the two. No doubt about it, though, the sixth round was an important one. Nelson gave Britt quite a beating in that round. However, Britt valiantly came back from that bad pummeling, and hindsight seems to show that the writers who sided with Britt did so more on his gameness in coming back for rounds seven to ten than purely on points.

In any case, the decision made by history is that Nelson was the winner. He continued on his career, winning the world lightweight title, while Britt immediately sank into obscurity and soon quit the sport.


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