Friday, February 22, 2013


Sci-Friday starring Adam Chase

Adam Chase (c) Renewed 2013 by Russ Morgan. All rights reserved.

Adam Chase strip #9, originally published July 31 1966. For background on the strip and creator, refer to this post.


This is a fun strip! Is a book collection in the offing? The art os sort of scratchy but the writing is damn solid, with some interesting realistic touches. The danger of space junk depicted is prescient -- this article has an illo (see figure 9) of a windshield of the space shuttle damaged by a paint chip hurtling through space!

Hello readers! Please note that the newspaper eliminated some portions of the blue and yellow plates when this was printed. Allan has done an amazing job restoring these old strips. The originals were produced by the old zinc engraving process and leave a lot to be desired from a reproduction standpoint. Thanks for looking....hang on to your hats, the blastoff to Mars and all kinds of space adventure is just around the corner. Thanks - Russ Morgan
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