Monday, March 04, 2013


E&P Mystery Strips -- Letter Q

The following features were all listed in the Editor & Publisher annual Syndicate Directory listings. Problem is that I have not been able to find these features running in any American newspaper. I'm looking for positive proof that (1) these features did indeed exist, (2) they are actually comics of some sort and weren't just mislabeled in E&P, and (3) they ran in U.S. newspapers. If you have any information about a mystery strip on this list please, please, please tell me all about it. And if you can provide positive proof that the mystery feature did indeed run in U.S. newspapers (a tearsheet -- that is, an actual clipping from a newspaper or a copy thereof -- is proper proof) and qualifies for listing in the Stripper's Guide index, you will be the recipient of a goodie box chock full of all manner of comic strip ephemera -- reprint books, old tearsheets, magazines, even original art find their way into my goodie boxes. Trust me that my goodie boxes do not disappoint! (SORRY - as of 2018 goodie boxes are sadly no longer available - I now live in Canada and our postal rates are so outrageous that I cannot afford to send out goodie boxes - SORRY!)

If you prefer to contact me privately rather than posting a comment on the blog, send it to Please be sure to mention Stripper's Guide in your subject line or I may miss your message in amongst all the spam.

Here are the mystery features starting with letter "Q". Each listing has the title, years advertised, creator(s), syndicate and format. Sorry, I'd put these in a more attractive tabular form, but Blogger plays havoc with tables:

Quazar the Warrior, 1979, Tom Delevett, Trans World News Service, daily
Querubin, 1996, Grosso and Quir, Creative Syndication Services, daily/Sunday strip
Quibbles, 1988, Mae Sue Leslie,United Cartoonist Syndicate, daily
Quiet Quincy, 1938, Frank Ross, Ray Gross Features, daily panel
Quizoons and Quoteoons, 1966-70, Bonnie Woolsey, self-syndicated, daily panel


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