Friday, August 28, 2015


Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie January 29 1939
Courtesy of Cole Johnson


I can't believe it! Some actual action, and shown to us instead of us just hearing about it! This is usually the talkiest strip in history. Don't get me wrong — I do like Connie. It is quite imaginative, and of course looks wonderful. But no one could accuse it of being all two-fisted action. It's not even one-fisted! Sometimes it's very hard to follow, since all that has happened is talk and more talk. And, of course, being locked in back rooms (or in grottos), and then finding a chink in the wall that either (a) lets Connie escape, or (b) lets her spy on the bad guys. But this week — an explosion! I think I had better go lie down, to recover.
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