Thursday, December 17, 2015


Peter's Christmas Adventure, Intro and Day 1

This year's Stripper's Guide Christmas strip is a really delightful one. It was originally offered to client newspapers by the Associated Press in 1938. It's on the short side, just 18 strips, and the story is therefore quite simplistic and straightforward, but the lively storytelling and the delightful art make this one a real yule feast. Unlike some of these Christmas strips, which bear the marks of having been dashed off in between coffee breaks (see the awful A Christmas Fantasy for the absolute nadir of Christmas story writing), Peter's Christmas Adventure is a strip that I think you'll really enjoy. We'll be running it at the rate of two strips per day from now until you-know-when.

The odd thing about Peter's Christmas Adventure is that the creator(s) aren't credited. While the art and lettering immediately make Fred G. Cooper pop into my mind, I can't imagine him taking on this job when he didn't otherwise work for AP to my knowledge, and this project would have been a pretty low-paying job to boot. As a more likely suspect, I'd nominate the great Hank Barrow, who was in the AP bullpen. This isn't his typical style, but  he was very adept and comfortable with taking on varying styles for his different projects. Anyone care to nominate someone else?


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