Saturday, January 17, 2015


Herriman Saturday

Saturday, September 12 1908 -- Another cartoon on the "Solid Three", Herriman's cartoons continue blazing against this scandal.

County commissioners Patterson, Eldridge and Wilson, dubbed the "Solid Three", put together a bond issue for the county and sold it off, probably to favored friends, at a high interest rate. They did this without proper public meetings and without going through the normal channels to determine a fair interest rate. On discovering this breach of the public trust, Angelenos were, not too surprisingly, up in arms.


I am wondering if this is an homage to Tenniels famous cartoon "dropping the pilot"" from Punch in the 1890's. Or am I just seeing connections where there aren't any
Greig Daniels
Wow, great catch Greig. I was not familiar with that Tenniel cartoon. Apparently more famous in Germany than to us stateside.

For anyone interested here's the wiki page:

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Friday, January 16, 2015


Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie, July 25 1937, courtesy of Cole Johnson. 
Follow the Connie story every Friday here on Stripper's Guide.


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