Monday, June 13, 2016


This Week's Heritage Auctions

This week Heritage Auctions is offering some nice original art from my collection, plus some 'slabbed' comic books, and some more great research and reading material. Here is the link to the Heritage website auctions.

I would like it known that I never 'slabbed' a comic book in my life, and I find the practice at best silly and at worst downright creepy. Heritage had these comic books slabbed, not me. I'd be delighted should buyers elect to free these innocent entertainments from their plastic prisons, and enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed. End of sermon.

Lovely Bart cartoon for a 1901 issue of the Minneapolis Journal; perfect item for the wall of your library.

I was a big fan of Larry Marder's TALES OF THE BEANWORLD back in the day. I purchased this amazing special drawing from him, featuring all the major characters. Nicely framed.

(7 photos above) -- a great collection of Roy Crane material -- a childhood drawing (!), a panel from Wash Tubbs, and most importantly a set of amazing huge watercolored portraits of his Buz Sawyer cast.

A delightful zany daily from the great George "Swan" Swanson's High-Pressure Pete

No baseball fan could resist this superb J.W. McGurk cartoon about the plethora of sluggers coming into the baseball world in the 1920s.

Two Our New Age originals, one a Sunday by Fawcette, and the other a daily by Ray Evans.

$alesman $am by C.D. Small, maintaining the familiar lunacy of this classic strip.

Two more Spuddle's Sport Shoppe pages by the great Russ Johnson -- I think these are the last of the collection. Have you gotten yours yet?

How wacky cool is this? In Things To Come, Jim Bresnahan predicts electronic dictionaries, but can't bring himself to consider the possibility that storage methods will ever get any smaller.

Another set of United Features proof books. Apparently unwanted and unloved by auction buyers. Wish I could take them home, where they were much prized.

(2 photos) group of 12 excellent and some hard to find books about comics and comics history.

Mega-huge lot of 81 issues of The Comic Reader. I bought these for the great but unattributed comic strip column -- really wish I knew who did that!

A group of 18 fanzines from the 1970s-2000s.

Group of 42 issues of the classic Love & Rockets by the Hernandez Bros.

Big batch of neat stuff here -- Comics Journals, Comics Revues, auction catalogs, Honk #2 (with Bill Watterson interview) and more.

Two comic strip printing plates from the International Cartoon Co. of the 1920s, Just Humans by Gene Carr and Little Julius Sneezer by Baker.

Complete set of Fantagraphics E.C. Segar Popeye books, both dailies and Sundays.

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