Friday, February 24, 2017


Wish You Were Here, from R.F. Outcault

Another 1905 Ottmann postcard by R.F. Outcault, this one showing the disdain of the rustics for those newfangled auty-mobiles. Thanks Nellie Appleby for your long and convoluted message. We'll roll out the red carpet for ye.


I think it says something like:

( You'll have a warm reception ) Hope so, as we are
coming up Sunday Oct-28.06.
( Ready now we are coming -> ) ( ? ) a good day.

To old B'ville, keep
a sharp look out
for old ( -> automobile ) . But lay
down your fire arms
yours in haste
Nellie Appleby

Coming up B'ville Pike
I do hope no accident will
befall, such as a fellow laying in
wait with ( -> a hose )
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