Saturday, August 19, 2017


Herriman Saturday

March 10 1909 -- Herriman adds color to a review of the play "The Moment of Death, or The Never, Never Land" by Israel Zangwill, playing at the Orpheum theatre. The play explores the idea that pivotal moments in a person's life are replayed over and over as they die.


Is there a wiki or database which lists the Newspapers which specific comic strips were published?

Often I read your posts and set up to find more examples of a strip you posted and have no idea which newspapers to check for more examples.
Not really Mark. Early strips can normally be found in their home papers, obviously, but from the 1920s on, even features distributed by a specific newspaper often don't appear there.

There's a fellow on who often posts about the contents of various newspapers. You may be able to reverse search with the copious info he has posted.

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