Friday, April 20, 2018


Wish You Were Here, from Albert Carmichael

Here's another "I Love My Wife But Oh You Kid" card by Carmichael, presumably issued as part of Taylor & Pratt's Series 565, though they forgot to take any credit on this card. I think Carmichael did a nice job on the art, though I wonder at the construction of that typewriter. Don't think I've ever seen one that has a big glass (?) box on the rear section.

These are sort of racy cards, implying as they do marital infidelity, so I particular enjoy this card for the message that was penned on the back of it: "See you in church next Sunday!".


Typewriters of that era did have glass panels. I used to have one, and you might see them in office scenes. Why this was I'm not sure, but it may have been to show when the works needed cleaning. If they weren't, the oily meachinery would soon be covered in greasy dust.
Charamichael's usual low bar standards are reached here. It might be he never saw a typewriter, and only had one described over the phone to him. Since there are no motion lines indicating that the proto- Cam O'Flage is using the typer as one might expect, one can only guess she's somehow radiating a musical light beam at it with her hands.
Well land sakes alive. The idea of glass panels on a typewriter seemed so ludicrous I didn't even take a moment to Google it. But sure enough ....

I learn something old every day.

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