Friday, April 13, 2018


Wish You Were Here, from Charles Dana Gibson

The Detroit Publishing Company, best known for their high-quality photo postcards, also dabbled in comic cards. But befitting their quality approach, they licensed images by Charles Dana Gibson, arguably the most famed illustrator/cartoonist of the era. Although the series displays copyrights from when the cartoons were originally printed in Life magazine, I am told this Detroit series was produced in 1907. It must have been early in the year since these are undivided back cards. This card is numbered 14,007.

I have several of these, all of which have ratty edges. I wonder if these cards came in a booklet or something, and had to be torn out to be used individually?


I don't think these were offered in a booklet or in a card of four that you'd cut out like the Hearst comic star postcards. Detroit was a top producer and it would seem unlikely to have cheapo cut-out offerings. However, these might have been something Detroit was commisioned by LIFE to make for them asa premium, and they had other ideas. Maybe a perusing of 1907 issues would have an ad for them.
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