Friday, July 13, 2018


Wish You Were Here, from Dwig

This lovely Dwig card features his mirror image text motif, along with an aquiline-nosed beauty. The card is embossed with gold on the mirror frame, which as usual doesn't reproduce well on the scanner.

This card must have sold well, because although there were other cards in this series (Series #30 according to the reverse), this is the one that shows up most often today.  The maker is, as best I can tell, R. Kaplan or Charles Rose. The maker is not directly identified, but it does have a logo on the back. It is a little fellow wearing a smock on which is shown the Swiss cross, and in one hand is a beer stein and the other a U.S. flag. Pretty sure that's either Kaplan or Rose, although the high quality of the card initially had me thinking Tuck. The usually very dependable postcard research site doesn't cover Kaplan or Charles Rose for some reason, so take my word with the appropriate measure of salt.

The divided back card is undated but was postally used in 1910.


In March 1907, an act of congress provided that from henceforth post cards could have the bifurcated backs. It's good that congress is ever concerned with such wieghty issues.
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