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Hearst's American Weekly Cover Index Part VIII: 1946 - 1951

This is the final installment of the American Weekly index. In 1951 a new editorial direction took hold and covers were never in series anymore, and the art was often uncredited. Soon after, photo covers would start to become common.

In this final period the pin-up style covers continue, with Henry Clive, Willy Pogany and David Wright the favored artists. Oddly enough, the pin-up covers begin to be interspersed with Bible scenes, a rather pinball-like editorial direction.

One interesting trend has Henry Clive painting famous actresses as characters from history. A special highlight of these years are the occasional J.C. Leyendecker covers, which usually commemorate holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Some notes on the listings:
* when you see a "#", that means that the cover is part of a numbered series and the number is given on the cover. Sometimes I remembered to write that down, sometimes I didn't so its catch-as-catch-can. If a series cover explicitly states that it is the first or final installment and its not obvious from the surrounding dates, I sometimes note that as "(start)" or "(end)".

* when I say "(story illo) that means that the cover is illustrating a text story in the magazine.

* I don't make guesses about covers I haven't seen. Therefore, even if I have one missing issue between installment 2 and 4 of a series, I resist the urge to assume what may be obvious.

* When a cover is descibed as, say, "Famous Fishes (Herring)", that means that the cover is part of a series titled Famous Fishes, and this particular cover depicts the herring.

01/06/46Big City Girls - DetroitHenry Clive
01/13/46Big City Girls - WashingtonHenry Clive
01/20/46Big City Girls - PittsburghHenry Clive
01/27/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
02/03/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
02/10/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
02/17/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
02/24/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
03/03/46Give (Red Cross)J.C. Leyendecker
03/10/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
03/17/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
03/24/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
03/31/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
04/07/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
04/14/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
04/21/46EasterJ.C. Leyendecker
04/28/46Baby WeekJ.C. Leyendecker
05/05/46Gallery of GlamourDavid Wright
05/12/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
05/19/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
05/26/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
06/02/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
06/09/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
06/16/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
06/23/46Aucassin and NicoletteWilly Pogany
06/30/46July 4thJ.C. Leyendecker
07/07/46Milwaukee's CentennialHenry Clive
07/14/46The Gypsies of GranadaW. Russell Flint
07/21/46Sub DebsM. Victor C. De Tchetchet
07/28/46Sub DebsM. Victor C. De Tchetchet
08/04/46Sub DebsM. Victor C. De Tchetchet
08/11/46Pin-up Girls of History #1 (du Barry/Hedy Lamarr)Henry Clive
08/18/46Pin-up Girls of History #2 (Phryne/Marie McDonald)Henry Clive
08/25/46Pin-up Girls of History (Nell Gwynn/Marion Davies)Henry Clive
09/01/46Labor DayJ.C. Leyendecker
09/08/46Pin-up Girls of History (Lucretia Borgia/Linda Darnell)Henry Clive
09/15/46Pin-up Girls of History (Pompadour/Alexis Smith)Henry Clive
09/22/46Pin-up Girls of History (Aspasia/Betty Hutton)Henry Clive
09/29/46Pin-up Girls of History (Salome/Veronica Lake)Henry Clive
10/06/46Pin-up Girls of History (Lady Hamilton/Ann Sheridan)Henry Clive
10/13/46Pin-up Girls of History (Cleopatra/Dorothy Lamour)Henry Clive
10/20/46Pin-up Girls of History (Helen of Troy/Maureen O'Hara)Henry Clive
10/27/46Pin-up Girls of History #11(Ninon de Lenclos/Lana Turner)Henry Clive
11/03/46Pin-up Girls of History (Peg Woffington/Ella Raines)Henry Clive
11/10/46Pin-up Girls of History (Priscilla Alden/June Allyson)Henry Clive
11/17/46Pin-up Girls of History (Lola Montez/Gene Tierney)Henry Clive
11/24/46ThanksgivingJ.C. Leyendecker
12/01/46Pin-up Girls of History (Poppaea/Claudette Colbert)Henry Clive
12/08/46Pin-up Girls of History (Queen of Sheba/Rita Hayworth)Henry Clive
12/15/46Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
12/22/46ChristmasJ.C. Leyendecker
12/29/46Untitled (New Year)J.C. Leyendecker
01/05/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
01/12/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
01/19/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
01/26/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
02/02/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
02/09/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
02/16/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
02/23/47Beauty ParadeDavid Wright
03/02/47Give (Red Cross)J.C. Leyendecker
03/09/47Classics in Folklore (Snow White and Rose Red)Willy Pogany
03/16/47Classics in Folklore (Sleeping Beauty)Willy Pogany
03/23/47Classics in Folklore (Cinderella)Willy Pogany
03/30/47Classics in Folklore (Rumpelstiltskin)Willy Pogany
04/06/47Classics in Folklore (The Swineherd)Willy Pogany
04/13/47Classics in Folklore (The Real Princess)Willy Pogany
04/20/47Classics in Folklore (The Goose Girl)Willy Pogany
04/27/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/04/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/11/47Mother's DayJ.C. Leyendecker
05/18/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/25/47Memorial DayJ.C. Leyendecker
06/01/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
06/08/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
06/15/47Father's DayJ.C. Leyendecker
06/22/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
06/29/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
07/06/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
07/13/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
07/20/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
07/27/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/03/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/10/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/17/47Heroines of Literature (Becky Sharp)Modest Stein
08/24/47Heroines of Literature (Hester Prynne)Modest Stein
08/31/47Labor DayJ.C. Leyendecker
09/07/47Women in the Bible (Rebecca)Watson Little
09/14/47Women in the Bible (Ruth)Watson Little
09/21/47Heroines of Literature (Lady Rowena)Modest Stein
09/28/47Heroines of Literature (The Lady Known as Lou)Modest Stein
10/05/47Heroines of Literature (Ramona)Modest Stein
10/12/47Heroines of Literature (Tess of the d'Urbervilles)Modest Stein
10/19/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
10/26/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
11/02/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
11/09/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
11/16/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
11/23/47ThanksgivingJ.C. Leyendecker
11/30/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
12/07/47Geraint and Enid - Enchanting Romance of King Arthur's CourtWilly Pogany
12/14/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
12/21/47ChristmasJ.C. Leyendecker
12/28/47Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
01/04/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
01/11/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
01/18/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
01/25/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
02/01/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Jean de Valois/Betty Grable)Henry Clive
02/08/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Mata Hari/Yvonne Decarlo)Henry Clive
02/15/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Ann of Cleves/Merle Oberon)Henry Clive
02/22/48/Enchantresses of the Ages (Catherine the Great/Barbara Stanwyck)Henry Clive
02/29/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Evelina Hanska/Deborah Kerr)Henry Clive
03/07/48Untitled (Red Cross)J.C. Leyendecker
03/14/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Duchess of Devonshire/Marion Davies)Henry Clive
03/21/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Diane de Poitiers/Jeanne Crain)Henry Clive
03/28/48EasterJ.C. Leyendecker
04/04/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Marie Mancini/Maria Montez)Henry Clive
04/11/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Duchesse de Berry/Virginia Mayo)Henry Clive
04/18/48Enchantresses of the ages (Queen Esther/Susan Hayward)Henry Clive
04/25/48Yesterday's Fashions TodayThomas Haggerty Webb
05/02/48Yesterday's Fashions TodayThomas Haggerty Webb
05/09/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Pauline Bonaparte/Kathryn Grayson)Henry Clive
05/16/48Yesterday's Fashions TodayThomas Haggerty Webb
05/23/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Teresa Gamba Guiccioli/Jane Greer)Henry Clive
05/30/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Bianca Capello/Joyce Reynolds)Henry Clive
06/06/48Enchantresses of the Ages-(Mme. Malibran/Ava Gardner)Henry Clive
06/13/48Yesterday's Fashions TodayThomas Haggerty Webb
06/20/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Delilah/Beryl Wallace)Henry Clive
06/27/48Enchantresses of the Ages (Nineties/Janis Paige)Henry Clive
07/04/48July 4thJ.C. Leyendecker
07/11/48Yesterday's Fashions TodayThomas Haggerty Webb
07/18/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
07/25/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/01/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/08/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/15/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/22/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/29/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/05/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/12/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/19/48Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/26/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
10/03/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
10/10/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
10/17/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
10/24/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
10/31/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
11/07/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
11/14/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
11/21/48ThanksgivingJ.C. Leyendecker
11/28/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
12/05/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
12/12/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
12/19/48Untitled (Christmas)J.C. Leyendecker
12/26/48Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
01/02/49Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
01/09/49Temptations of UlyssesWilly Pogany
01/16/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
01/23/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
01/30/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
02/06/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
02/13/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
02/20/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
02/27/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
03/06/49Red Cross ... GiveHenry Clive
03/13/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
03/20/49The Drama of the Bible - The Good SamaritanClark Fay
03/27/49The Drama of the Bible - He That is Without SinClark Fay
04/03/49The Drama of the Bible - Prodigal SonClark Fay
04/10/49The Drama of the Bible - Woman of SamariaClark Fay
04/17/49The Drama of the Bible - Suffer Little ChildrenClark Fay
04/24/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair)Henry Clive
05/01/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Sweet Leilani)Henry Clive
05/08/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Bedelia)Henry Clive
05/15/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Ramona)Henry Clive
05/22/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (My Gal Sal)Henry Clive
05/29/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Sylvia)Henry Clive
06/05/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Mademoiselle from Armentieres)Henry Clive
06/12/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Estrellita)Henry Clive
06/19/49the Girl Who Inspired the Song (Sunbonnet Sue)Henry Clive
06/26/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Sweet Rosie O'Grady)Henry Clive
07/03/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Louise)Henry Clive
07/10/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Rose Marie)Henry Clive
07/17/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Sally Won't You Come BackHenry Clive
07/24/49The Girl Who Inspired the Song (Marcheta)Henry Clive
07/31/49The Girl Who Inspired the SongHenry Clive
08/07/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/14/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/21/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/28/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/04/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/11/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/18/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/25/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
10/02/49Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
10/09/49Beauties of Shakespeare - CymbelineWilly Pogany
10/16/49Beauties of Shakespeare - HamletWilly Pogany
10/23/49Beauties of Shakespeare - Romeo and JulietWilly Pogany
10/30/49Beauties of Shakespeare - The TempestWilly Pogany
11/06/49Beauties of Shakespeare - Twelfth NightWilly Pogany
11/13/49Beauties of Shakespeare - Midsummer Nights DreamWilly Pogany
11/20/49ThanksgivingJ.C. Leyendecker
11/27/49Beauties of Shakespeare - The Winter's TaleWilly Pogany
12/04/49Beauties of Shakespeare - King LearWilly Pogany
12/11/49Beauties of Shakespeare - Much ado about NothingWilly Pogany
12/18/49While Shepherds WatchedClark Fay
12/25/49Untitled (Christmas)J.C. Leyendecker
01/01/50New YearJ.C. Leyendecker
01/08/50Beauties of Shakespeare - Measure for MeasureWilly Pogany
01/15/50Beauties of Shakespeare - MacbethWilly Pogany
01/22/50Beauties of Shakespeare - Taming of the ShrewWilly Pogany
01/29/50Beauties of Shakespeare - Love's Labours LostWilly Pogany
02/05/50Beauties of Shakespeare - Merry Wives of WindsorWilly Pogany
02/12/50The MagnificatClark Fay
02/19/50The Sermon on the MountClark Fay
02/26/50Martha and MaryClark Fay
03/05/50Give through American Red CrossHenry Clive
03/12/50The Lord's PrayerClark Fay
03/19/50GethsemaneClark Fay
03/26/50Woman Behold thy SonClark Fay
04/02/50Mary Receiving the Body of ChristClark Fay
04/09/50The ResurrectionClark Fay
04/16/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
04/23/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
04/30/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/07/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/14/50Heroines of the Opera (Mimi/Barbara Bates)Henry Clive
05/21/50Heroines of the Opera (Manon Lescaut/Wanda Hendrix)Henry Clive
05/28/50Heroines of the Opera (Martha/Martha Vickers)Henry Clive
06/04/50Heroines of the Opera (Acquanetta as Lakme)Henry Clive
06/11/50Heroines of the Opera (Marguerite/June Haver)Henry Clive
06/18/50Heroines of the Opera (Lucia/Eleanor Parker)Henry Clive
06/25/50Heroines of the Opera (Brunhilde/Patricia Neal)Henry Clive
07/02/50Heroines of the Opera (Juliet/Shirley Temple)Henry Clive
07/09/50Heroines of the Opera (Mme Butterfly/Ann Blyth)Henry Clive
07/16/50Heroines of the Opera (Thais/Hazel Brooks)Henry Clive
07/23/50Heroines of the Opera (Carmen/Linda Darnell)Henry Clive
07/30/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/06/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/13/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/20/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/27/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/03/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/10/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/17/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/24/50GardeniaHenry Clive
10/01/50Miss Country ClubHenry Clive
10/08/50InspirationHenry Clive
10/15/50CoquetteHenry Clive
10/22/50Fancy DressHenry Clive
10/29/50ButterflyHenry Clive
11/05/50Soft ShouldersHenry Clive
11/12/50Bright EyesHenry Clive
11/19/50ThanksgivingJ.C. Leyendecker
11/26/50Ace of HeartsHenry Clive
12/03/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
12/10/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
12/17/50Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
12/24/50ChristmasJ.C. Leyendecker
12/31/50Tales from the Arabian NightsEdmund Dulac
01/07/51The Arabian NightsEdmund Dulac
01/14/51The Arabian NightsEdmund Dulac
01/21/51The Arabian NightsEdmund Dulac
01/28/51The Arabian NightsEdmund Dulac
02/04/51The Arabian NightsEdmund Dulac
02/11/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Richard IIWilly Pogany
02/18/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Henry IVWilly Pogany
02/25/51Support the 1951 Red Cross FundNorman Rockwell
03/04/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Henry IVWilly Pogany
03/11/51Dreamy EyesHenry Clive
03/18/51Wild WomenHenry Clive
03/25/51Outdoor GirlHenry Clive
04/01/51Bed of RosesHenry Clive
04/08/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Henry VWilly Pogany
04/15/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Henry VIWilly Pogany
04/22/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Henry VI Part 2Willy Pogany
04/29/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Henry VI Part 3Willy Pogany
05/06/51Beauties of Shakespeare-Richard IIIWilly Pogany
05/13/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/20/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
05/27/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
06/03/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
06/10/51Catch of the SeasonHenry Clive
06/17/51A BirdieHenry Clive
06/24/51ThoroughbredHenry Clive
07/01/51The Wedding of George Washington and Martha CustisJ.L.G. Farris
07/08/51Red CapHenry Clive
07/15/51Bull's EyeHenry Clive
07/22/51Untitled (girl on bicycle)Henry Clive
07/29/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/05/51Roger!Henry Clive
08/12/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
08/19/51A StrikeHenry Clive
08/26/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/02/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/09/51The FavoriteHenry Clive
09/16/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
09/23/51A BasketHenry Clive
09/30/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
10/07/5120-LoveHenry Clive
10/14/51Beauty on ParadeDavid Wright
10/21/51Autumn GoldHenry Clive
10/28/51Who's ScaredClarence Carter
11/04/51Lesson in LeavesUnclear signature -- Everett Henry?
11/11/51Easy To HurtUnclear signature
11/18/51Untitled (Thanksgiving)Arthur Sarnoff
11/25/51The Phone belongs to YouthHenry Clive?
12/02/51Untitled (winter scene with girl wiping little boy's nose)Harold Anderson
12/09/51Untitled (man on horse looking at doe in forest)Uncredited
12/16/51Untitled (woman in phone booth applying lipstick)Uncredited
12/23/51Take one Home for ChristmasUncredited
12/30/51Untitled (woman celebrating new year)Milton Wolsky


Really enjoyed this series. I was interested to see that Studdy's Bonzo had an American presence. As part of the old British Empire and now Commonwealth, Bonzo products were available,here in New Zealand, figurines, annuals, books etc .Was also interested to see Edmund Dulac on the list of artists Thanks Allan!
Greig Daniels
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