Saturday, October 27, 2018


Herriman Saturday

October 11 1909 -- Herriman's editorial and sports cartoons have been few and far between since his return near the end of September, but his drawing hand has certainly not been idle. He's mostly been working on the comic strip adventures of Baron Mooch.

As I've mentioned before on Herriman Saturday, it is not my purpose to republish Herriman work that has recently seen the light of day, and so the Baron Mooch strips will not be seen here. There was a collection called By George Volume 1, edited by Bill Blackbeard, in which the strips are reprinted. Unfortunately the publisher, Spec Productions, appears to be all but defunct after the death of Andrew Feighery. Those By George collections contain a lot of rare and important work, and it's a shame they're not readily available.

My set of By George volumes is currently residing about 2000 miles away, but I believe that there was a Baron Mooch strip missing, the one you see above, which was published on October 11 1909. If someone who has the volume could check me out on that, I'd very much appreciate it.

Baron Mooch was also published in the New York American and probably other Hearst papers but the LA Examiner ran them earlier and in a (presumably) complete run, whereas others did not. Other Hearst papers almost certainly did not run this particular strip because the subject is President Taft's visit to Los Angeles.


Hi Allan! Just unearthed my copy of BY GEORGE and the 10/11 strip is not there--we jump from 10/10 to 10/12. Thanks for showing us the missing strip!

Thanks for checking Brian. Looks like there's more Baron Mooch to come, as I see at least one more in my LA Examiner stack. --Allan
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