Saturday, February 09, 2019


Herriman Saturday

November 16 1909 -- The name of George Edwards, a dress tailor, was apparently pranked by some friends. These practical jokers somehow got Mr. Edward's name added to a ballot as candidate for city attorney.Despite having no training in law, and having not campaigned, he managed to come in second in the election among a field of at least three candidates.

Now Arnold R. Holston, a bona fide attorney who ranked third in the race, is trying to make a case that all the votes for Edwards should be transferred to him. Presumably between the two of them there are enough votes to unseat the incumbent city attorney, Leslie Hewitt. The argument is that Edwards could not serve due to his educational lack in the law department, so he should be disqualified. That part seems reasonable ... the part of transferring his votes to Mr. Holston seems on considerably shakier legal ground.

Herriman ignores the legal questions at the heart of this matter, and instead mocks the idea of a ladies' dressmaker becoming the city attorney.


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