Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Your Host Interviewed plus My Comeuppance on Amazon

Today I'm going to ask you to go check out Tom Falco's interview with me on He asked some interesting questions.  Sorry to say I'm not familiar with Medium, so I don't quite know how much of an honor this might be. Alright, frankly I'm honored when anyone will talk to me. Anyway, sure is a lot of interesting looking content there, hopefully not dragged down too much by my momentary presence.

Oh, and as long as you're following links, go check out my book, American Newspaper Comics, on After all those ever so boring laudatory 5-star reviews, someone has finally decided that the book is a rip-off and given it a one-star review. It's about time I get some tough love. Unfortunately rather than impugn the quality of the research or something, he's pissed because he couldn't be bothered to read a description of the book before handing over a C-note and a half. Finally I'm in the company of the greats -- Hemingway, Orwell, Twain, even Shakespeare have received one-star ratings on Amazon, and now I follow in their footsteps.

Congrats! Love the article. Medium is like Huffington Post but better for arts and culture articles. Large readership just like Huff Post.
I was checking reviews on a radio dramatization of Lord of the Rings, and several reviewers specifically faulted it for not being a straight audiobook. Recalls the joke about the men's room vending machine bearing the graffiti, "Don't buy this gum! It tastes like rubber!"
Thanks for the Tom Falco interview. I have your encyclopaedia, which is a must for anyone interested in comic strip history. As a fellow Canadian (though not a “Habs” fan as you might be) I always loved Walter Ball’s “Rural Route” and wondered what you thought of it. Good luck on your continuing research.
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