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Jeffrey Lindenblatt's Paper Trends: Gasoline Alley 1919

Jeffrey Lindenblatt has been researching Gasoline Alley strips in 1919; his interest was in comparing how the Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News ran the feature. He sent me the data he collected, which seems to show that not only were the two papers inconsistent until mid-December, but the Daily News wasn't even consistently late, which would seem like the most likely scenario considering that King was producing the feature in Chicago. There's even a single strip (December 22) that apparently never ran in the Tribune.

Jefffrey says that part of the problem stems from Gasoline Alley running as part of King's Sunday Rectangle until September, which sometimes made for seven panels in one week. Even after that, though, the Daily News maintained a stubborn independent streak not only in timing but even sometimes changing the strip's subtitle.

Strip TitleChicago TribuneDaily NewsDifference
(In the First Place I'd say the Tire Has Good 7000 Miles)24-Aug
The Ladies Have A Word to Say25-Aug25-AugSame
The Bunch Has Had A Dip26-Aug27-AugMinus 1
The Home Garden28-Aug26-AugPlus 2
The Bunch Stays Downtown To Dinner27-Aug28-AugMinus 1
Avery And His Wife Have Just Left29-Aug29-AugSame
On the Fair Green30-Aug30-AugSame
(And He Sneaks Up Beside)31-Aug
H.C. Of L. Under Discussion1-Sep1-SepSame
Walt Weakens2-Sep2-SepSame
Planning A Getaway3-Sep3-SepSame
Arranging the Camping Party4-Sep4-SepSame
Walt is For Personal Liberty5-Sep5-SepSame
Collecting The Camp Outfit6-Sep6-SepSame
(What You Doin Walt Working Up An Appetite)7-Sep
The Bunch is Off8-Sep8-SepSame
They All Know The Road9-Sep9-SepSame
And Where Are the Ham and Eggs?10-Sep10-SepSame
The Bunch Censors Walt's Outfit11-Sep11-SepSame
Three Men in A Boat12-Sep12-SepSame
A Line To the Folks13-Sep13-SepSame
A Breakdown on the Road14-Sep15-SepMinus 1
Found Walt's Mustache15-Sep16-SepMinus 1
The Girls At Home Try to Start Something16-Sep17-SepMinus 1
Walt's Other Initials K.P17-Sep18-SepMinus 1
Avery's Luck Goes Bad18-Sep19-SepMinus 1
Breaking Camp19-Sep20-SepMinus 1
Stuck!20-Sep22-SepMinus 2
The Bunch Arrived Safely Yesterday22-Sep23-SepMinus 1
Walt Does His Fall Cleaning (Chicago)/Walt Does His Bit On-Machine (NY)23-Sep24-SepMinus 1
Avery May Spend Some Money24-Sep25-SepMinus 1
Walt is Still Contented25-Sep26-SepMinus 1
Speaking of Help26-Sep27-SepMinus 1
Walt Has Been Experimenting27-Sep29-SepMinus 2
Like New Speed Guaranteed29-Sep2-OctMinus 3
Shade Tree Diplomacy30-Sep1-OctMinus 1
Now What Can A Man Say?1-Oct30-SepPlus 1
A Lesson in Spelling and Hot Latin2-Oct3-OctMinus 1
Of Course It's His Own Wife3-Oct4-OctMinus 1
Crepe Hangers4-Oct6-OctMinus 2
Hard Drinkers of Soft Drinkers6-Oct7-OctMinus 1
Don't Breathe A Word of This!7-Oct8-OctMinus 1
Watch This Drive It'll Be a Whale!8-Oct9-OctMinus 1
And Besides Avery Always Shaves Himself9-Oct10-OctMinus 1
Avery Knew A Good Place10-Oct11-OctMinus 1
The Water Hole11-Oct13-OctMinus 2
How About A Motorcycle?13-Oct14-OctMinus 1
Doc Wants A Night Out14-Oct15-OctMinus 1
Walt is On the Phone15-Oct16-OctMinus 1
Avery Didn't Intend To Sell But16-Oct17-OctMinus 1
Walt He'll Say He's Still Single17-Oct18-OctMinus 1
Bill Does Some Mental Arithmetic18-Oct20-OctMinus 2
It Even Has Tassels on the Curtains20-Oct21-OctMinus 1
Wait, Avery Wants To Putt21-Oct22-OctMinus 1
A Modest Oil Well is Doc's Idea22-Oct23-OctMinus 1
Walt Wasn't Born Yesterday23-Oct27-OctMinus 4
One Blow Right After Another!24-Oct24-OctSame
Lost Ball25-Oct25-OctSame
Man's Work is Never Done!27-Oct28-OctMinus 1
Doc Hates To Go But28-Oct29-OctMinus 1
Winter Is Coming On29-Oct30-OctMinus 1
No Walt Can't30-Oct31-OctMinus 1
Here Today Gone Tomorrow31-Oct1-NovMinus 1
How Many Cylinders Are Enough1-Nov3-NovMinus 2
Wanted An Automoblie3-Nov5-NovMinus 2
A Bunch of Sourgraphes4-Nov6-NovMinus 2
The World is Upside Down!5-Nov4-NovPlus 1
Either Way Doc It Will Cost You Money6-Nov8-NovMinus 2
For Sale or Exchange? 7-Nov10-NovMinus 3
How Was She to Know?8-Nov7-NovPlus 1
Doc Has A Customer(Maybe November 10 /Chicago Tribune issue Missing)11-Nov
Man's Intuition (Chicago)/He Has One on the Salesman (New York)11-Nov20-NovMinus 9
Almost Sold!12-Nov12-NovSame
Down the Row To Make A Sale (Chicago)/According to Viewpoint (New York)13-Nov13-NovSame
Cash Or What Have You14-Nov14-NovSame
The Old Car is Still With Us15-Nov15-NovSame
Dope on the Coal Situation17-Nov19-NovMinus 2
Avery is No Truck Horse19-Nov17-NovPlus 2
The Cop Must Be Mistakin18-Nov18-NovSame
When Do We Eat?20-Nov21-NovMinus 1
No Place To Roost21-Nov22-NovMinus 1
Meeting H.C.L. Half Way22-Nov24-NovMinus 2
Once Overing Somebody's New House24-Nov25-NovMinus 1
Winter is Coming 25-Nov26-NovMinus 1
It's A Breezy Day26-Nov27-NovMinus 1
After Dinner Stuff27-Nov28-NovMinus 1
A Combination Tool28-Nov29-NovMinus 1
When The Frost is On the Radiator29-Nov1-DecMinus 2
Pinched!1-Dec2-DecMinus 1
Post Mortem on Yesterday's Arrest2-Dec3-DecMinus 1
What Do You Do in a Pinch?3-Dec4-DecMinus 1
Walt Breaks It Gently4-Dec5-DecMinus 1
Passing the Buck5-Dec6-DecMinus 1
It's All Arranged6-Dec8-DecMinus 2
Aw Judge Be Reasonable8-Dec9-DecMinus 1
Expense Account9-Dec10-DecMinus 1
Speeders Court10-Dec11-DecMinus 1
Another Post Mortem11-Dec12-DecMinus 1
Inside Stuff12-Dec13-DecMinus 1
Warm and Comfy (Chicago)/Cool and Comfy (New York)13-Dec15-DecMinus 2
Doc Put Two and Two Together15-Dec16-DecMinus 1
The Blamed Thing Won't Start16-Dec
Avery Enjoys a Movie17-Dec17-DecSame
Advice Wanted18-Dec18-DecSame
Avery Shops For Emilys Christmas Gift19-Dec19-DecSame
What A Dusty Christmas20-Dec20-DecSame
Shopping Notes(Chicago Tribune that Monday did not print a Gasoline Alley Strip)22-Dec
Bill's Foot Slips23-Dec23-DecSame
Merry Christmas25-Dec25-DecSame
Delayed in the Mail26-Dec26-DecSame
Making It Comfy For the Bunch27-Dec27-DecSame
A Detail Overlooked29-Dec29-DecSame
A Comeback30-Dec30-DecSame
Things Aren't the Same Any More31-Dec31-DecSame


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