Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Comic Stamp Quiz, Part 2

 Here is the second batch of unidentified comic stamps. Can you name the strip the stamp ran with, and the name of the character depicted? (Okay, a few are named ....) One hint: our comic stamp collector has the ID wrong on #15; it is not Tillie the Toiler.


Sort of looks like Ella Cinders...not 100% sure though.
#21 gotta be Silk Hat Harry; no?
#22 Alexander Smart, Esq. by Doc Winner
Hello all-

The stamps as far as I can tell, some Chicago tribune and /or NEA things as well as KFS:

11- A strain on the family tie
12,-Little Jimmy
14-Gasoline Alley?
15- Lillums Lovewell, Harold Teen's girl.
16 a/b Corky? Herby?
17-Gasoline Alley?
18,19, 20 Corky?
21- Obviosly there was no more Silk Hat Harry series in the 1930s, I think this might be from one of Murphy's sets of theme stamps, this being hearst strips of the then recent past.
22- It's Alexander Smart, but was it drawn by Winner?

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