Monday, February 08, 2021


From the Archives Sub-Basement: Katzenjammer Kids - Foxy Grandpa Crossover


A February 23 1902 Hearst comics section shows us what sort of shenanigans could happen when cartoonists worked alongside each other in newspaper bullpens. Such crossover strips would eventually become very rare, but in the 1890s and 1900s these treats happened more frequently.


Allen, if I have this right, Hearst had only very recently moved to poach Schulze and his strip from the New York Herald. Could this "crossover" appearance of the Katzenjammers have been a sort of promotional stunt, welcoming Grandpa and "Bunny" to the Hearst papers?

-- Griff
Good catch Griff, yes, this was only Foxy Grandpa's second week in the Hearst section!

Hello Allan, Griff,
This is also one of the only times Foxy made it to the cover, mosly he was an inside half page, and eventualy, only seen in the extra comic page that might go in the back of the magazine section.

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