Sunday, March 14, 2021


Wish You Were Here, from Jim Davis


Though some of Argus' Garfield postcards are quite a hoot, this one is pretty meh. This card is coded P2090 on the back.


Hello Allan-
If you mean by "MEH" that it's not by Mr. Davis, you're right. The semiskilled hack that did this can't do proper perspective, and has never seen (what I guess was his intention) a champagne bottle, a cork, (or is that supposed to be a tiny slice of toast?), motion lines, or the sound effect that attends such an opening.
I could be wrong,though. Maybe ol' Garf is rattling around a lucite towel bar in a ghastly colored bottle of "Tynogr", his eyes shut so he doesn't have to witness the violent fight that's just offstage.
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