Sunday, April 18, 2021


Wish You Were Here, from Jim Davis


Here is another Garfield card published by Argus Communications. We've seen a bunch of them on the blog, but this one is different. This one was actually produced for a company called SmartPractice, and the reverse of the card is preprinted with a reminder notice that the recipient is due for a dental exam, and should either call for an appointment or has been assigned one. Obviously SmartPractice was selling these cards in bulk to dental offices. This particular card, however, is unused.

Whether this card was also sold without the special back I don't know, but Argus used a different code on this one. While the others are all 'P + four numbers', this one is #82-033. Perhaps that 82 part finally tells us what year these Garfield cards were published?


Hello Allan-
Judging by the size of the door and table, ol' Garf has somehow become human sized.
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