Thursday, August 26, 2021


Kelly's Kindergarten: November 27 1898


Notice those great little cartoons in the masthead, signed GBL? First person to identify the cartoonist gets 100 internet points.

George B. Luks?
100 points to "Right on the Mark" Johnson.
I notice this is a few months after the Spanish-American War. That explains shooting the ink at Spain, and the question on the blackboard.
Active fighting with Spain had pretty much stopped with the complete crushing of the Spanish fleet and the capture of Cuba in July, but when this comic section was published,the war technically was still on, actually ending with the Treaty of Paris on 10 December.
During the spring and summer, there had been some amazing anti-Spain cartoons in this same space, like a raging monster matador surrounded by "bubbles" that had various Spanish atrocities depicted within, or a MacDougal cartoon of 13 year-old King Alphonso kicking Admiral Segasta down the cobbled streets of Madrid!
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