Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Obscurity of the Day: The Geometric Kids


If Flatland had comic strips in their newspapers, The Geometric Kids might have been quite popular. Unfortunately for artist Carl Zeisberg and writer "Collins", their strip ran in the Philadelphia Evening Ledger, with an audience firmly entrenched in the third dimension. The novelty of a comic strip about characters made up only of circles, rectangles and lines wore out pretty darn quickly, and sputtered out after a mere two weeks. Birth, May 31 1915, unmourned death, June 12. 

Zeisberg had one other series published in the Evening Ledger which lasted a bit longer, but otherwise he never made any impact I know of as a cartoonist. "Collins", the one-named writer, is unknown to me.


Hello Allan-
Would this be considered a local, one paper series? The Ledger Syndicate would appear to begin about 1919 with Somebody's Stenog finding it's way into several papers, but the Evening Public Ledger had cartoons like this one before that.
As far as I know these early Ledger strips never appeared anywhere else. --Allan
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