Sunday, October 31, 2021


Wish You Were Here, from Albert Carmichael

  Here is an unsigned and uncredited card, but we know from others in the series that "They Never Come Back" cards were issued by Taylor Pratt Company as series #728, and of course the artist is our old friend, Albert Carmichael. 

I like that Carmichael shows us that our subjects have been at quite the energetic couch-tussle by the bobbypins on the floor, some of which took some hair with them as they were removed! My stars. 


Hello Allan-
Those are a bit of feminine accoutrement of that era, ready to wear curls, mounted on hairpins, called "RATS."
The figure on the left, walking — is that Willie leaving, or Father arriving? Or the cartoonist being confused?
_ Katherine Collins
I imagine it is Willie making a hasty retreat at the mention of her father...sadly never to come back.
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