Saturday, November 20, 2021


Herriman Saturday: March 3 1910


March 3 1910 -- Famed editorial cartoonist Homer Davenport is making the lecture circuit in California, and to ensure he gets plenty of press coverage of his visit he brings with him a rather unusual personal valet -- an Arab who dresses in the traditional garb of his region and who conspicuously prays to Allah in the hotel. If the story is to be believed, Davenport visited some Arab bigwig in the Middle East and was given this servant as a gift. 

Davenport is making news for the messy divorce he's going through, too, but the Examiner finds the Arab servant also worth a photo, a few Herriman vignettes, and some lineage. 

I'm going to guess his personal appearances were sell-outs given his smart manipulation of the press.


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