Saturday, December 25, 2021


A Merry Christmas from Stripper's Guide and the Chicago Tribune 'B' Listers


The Chicago Tribune ran a half page of Christmas wishes in their Sunday section on Christmas Day 1955. Nice enough, but where are Little Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy, Winnie Winkle, the Gasoline Alley gang, the Teenie Weenies, Moon Mullins .... I guess the 'A' listers got the day off!


Merry Christmas Stripper's Guide readers!


Merry Christmas, Allan, All,
It is funny that these are specifically the second team of ChiTrib characters, like it was on purpose. Is it possible there's another special cartoon of just the top drawer stars? Is there any significance that there's no copyright line anywhere? Maybe it's just for Tribune itself, as though the syndicate had many many clients, I'm guessing few would take ALL of these also rans.

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