Sunday, June 05, 2022


Wish You Were Here, from F.M. Howarth


Here's another one of those giveaway hidden picture cards that were offered in Hearst newspapers of 1906. This one doesn't say whether it is the type where you reveal the picture with water or heat. I think the former, though, were limited to the 'blackboard' series, so I guess this belongs to the "Li'l Arsonist" series. 

Looks like this card was cut from the sheet with garden shears! I have a whole bunch like that. Here'[s a tip -- if you are planning on saving something for over a century, go ahead and use a little care cutting it out.


Hello Allan-
This might be one that brings out the image with heat, it would have instructions for doing so on the reverse, that you could run a hot iron over it or hold it near a flame, helpfully adding not burn it.
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