Saturday, October 22, 2022


Herriman Saturday: April 30 1910


April 30 1910 -- Although Herriman is playing strictly to his audience, making mockery of Jack Johnson's black fans, a kernel of truth escapes. For them the upcoming Fight of the Century has become imbued with a sense of racial pride quite likely unique in the lives of these turn of the century members of the black race. 

The event referred to is the boxing match at Naud Junction on the 28th; Jack Johnson made an appearance, giving an exhibition of sparring with a partner, to a hall full of swooning black fans and jeering white ones. Johnson was pressed to make a speech at the end of his exhibituion match, and responded diplomatically by saying that he was to fight "one of the greatest men in the world", James Jeffries. 

The next day the Los Angeles Times headline was "Jack Johnson Fat As A Pig".


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