Saturday, December 31, 2022


Herriman Saturday: May 12 1910


May 12 1910 -- A Harvard Bible scholar, unnamed in the accompanying article, has come to the conclusion that our calendar, basing our A.D. year count on the birth of Christ, is off by three years. Herriman's cartoon takes that to mean the world is actually in 1913, not 1910, and imagines the results of suddenly being propelled three years into the future. 

You can imagine something similar this evening. When you wake up tomorrow you will have been propelled one year into the future!


The Comet referred to in the last panel was Haley's Comet, a big event that spring.
My grandmother saw it in 1910, and she and I saw it together in 1986. She was quite unimprest, All it was the second time around was a tiny pinpoint of light.
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