Sunday, January 22, 2023


Wish You Were Here, from Grace Drayton


 I find the cards in Drayton's Reinthal and Newman series to generally be very funny, but this one ... ? Sorry, I don't get it. Oddly the cards we've run for the past three weeks feature gags or elements that challenge my limited intelligence, so I guess I'm doing an unintentional sub-series of Wish You Were Here. I imagine I could keep this up and show you just how consistently dense I can be. 

But I digress. This Reinthal & Newman card is number 497, while all the other cards I've featured so far were numbered in the 100s. Guess Drayton was brought back to do a later series, because I daresay she didn't produce 400+ card designs for them.


The gag is probably something along the lines of the poor girl doesn't care if the rich girl gets ice cream, so long as she gets ice cream too. Frosty dairy novelties are the great equaliser.
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