Sunday, January 08, 2023


Wish You Were Here, from J.R. Williams


Here's another postcard from J.R. Williams, this one featuring two city slickers (I think) debating the better way to mount a horse. Why the second fellow speaks broken English is a mystery to me -- it seems to have nothing to do with the gag. 

This card is W-530 of the second series of Standley-May Out Our Way cards.


I think they're both supposed to be Chinese.
Just the character on the right is supposed to be Chinese; he's the replacement for the earlier tall, large footed black guy that was the bunkhouse cook/washer/handyman for so many years.
It would seem Williams eased him out in favor of the Chinaman, but it would seem he never prepared well, because not only does the new fellow's appearance fail to make him distinctly Chinese, (What kind of duds are those?), JRW has a poor grasp of what Pidgin patois sounds like.
In other panels using him, Williams forgets entirely to attempt any dialect at all.
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