Sunday, January 29, 2023


Wish You Were Here, from Little Nemo


Here's another card from the Little Nemo series, copyrighted to the New York Herald and issued by Raphael Tuck as their series #6. The shame is that this series does not feature art by Winsor McCay, but by some lesser artist who apparently copied the scenes from various Little Nemo strips. I've only had one other of these cards on the blog so far, and D.D. Degg identified the original strip from which the scene was adapted. Can someone find this scene in a Little Nemo strip?


It's from the November 3, 1907 issue.
Thanks for finding that Brian! Interesting that the images for the two cards run so far are from such divergent dates; well over a year apart. I'll have to queue up a few more of these. --Allan
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