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News of Yore: Murder and Suicide Edition

 Mark Johnson sent me these gruesome little news stories years and years ago. They just bubbled up to the top of the stacks today. Enjoy .... ?

Cartoonist Held On Manslaughter Charge

May 25 1923: Ogdensburg Republican-Journal

Norwalk, Conn. May 23 -- Clifton Meek, a resident of the Silver Mine artists' colony and widely known cartoonist, is under arrest here on a charge of manslaughter his automobile having struck and killed Mrs. Josephine Barlow of this city late last night on the Danbury-Norwalk road. Meek said the woman walked in front of the car.

Indict "Bud" Fisher Butler

Sep 14 1929: Yonkers Herald

Carmel, NY, Sept. 13 -- James Bell, negro butler for Harry Bud Fisher, the cartoonist, was indicted for murder in the second degree here late this afternoon by the Putnam County Grand Jury. 

Bell was charged with shooting and killing Frank Candee, a white man, superintendant of the Fisher estate at Lake Mahopac, on July 13. A subpoena for Mr. Fisher to testify before the Grand Jury on the case was issued, but Sheriff Secord was unable to locate him. 

Bell will be arraigned before County Judge Joseph P. Shea here on Monday to plead to the indictment.

Cartoonist Suicide; Leaves Tragic Note

Apr 4 1932: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Cleveland, Oh., April 2 (AP): Leaving a tragic note to his estranged wife, Loron A. Taylor, 32, commercial artist and creator of the comic strip, "Mom 'n' Pop" shot himself to death in an obscure house today. Taylor had been separated from his wife since August. In his pockets was a letter addressed to her, written Monday. It read:

"Dearest Edna -- I will make an effort to see you tomorrow. However, if I fail you will be informed of what happened. Know that my parting thoughts were of you, that the loneliness I suffered after we parted had a great bearing on this climax. Inevitable, however, owing to financial obligations, etc. As the doughboys used to say, 'He went West.' And in my 32 years of varied experience I have learned that life isn't worth a damn. With all my love, Loron."

Cartoonist's Wife Commits Suicide

December 10 1929: Ogdensburg Republican-Journal

 Hastings on Hudson, NY, Dec. 10 (AP): Apparently despondent over the death of her daughter, Marjorie, 14, who died last August of sleeping sickness, Mrs. Frank Moser, 41, wife of a New York cartoonist, committed suicide late yesterday by gas asphyxiation in her Hollywood Dr. home here, according to police. 

 Creator of 'Skippy' Attempts Suicide

Dec 19 1948: Rochester Democrat-Chronicle

New York (UP) -- Percy Crosby, 57, cartoonist who created "Skippy," slashed his wrists and chest Friday in an apparent suicide attempt, police reported yesterday. His condition last night was reported as "fair" at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. Police said Crosby had entered Doctors' Hospital Thursday, where he was said to be "suffering from depression." After he was injured he was transferred by a private ambulance to Bellevue, police said. 




Oh, thanks! That was cheery.
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