Saturday, May 25, 2024


One-Shot Wonders: Herriman Gag Cartoons, 1901


Here we have a collection of miscellaneous gags from the McClure comics section of December 15 1901. Some are about Christmas, befitting the publication date. But Herriman's contributions are evergreen items, probably stuff he'd been carrying around in his portfolio for months looking for some pigeon to buy them. 

Besides Herriman, whose cartoons are at the upper left and right, we have a Marriner gag (top center), and a two-panel A.D. Reed gag on the bottom. I have to give Reed the nod for best gag, though Herriman's wordplay in the upper right gets points for ingenuity.


Do you think the top left cartoon was reversed on purpose or by accident?
Most likely just a print shop mistake, but maybe the image fit better that way. If the latter, they could have been decent about it and fixed the signature.
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