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News of Yore: Jailbird Turns Cartoonist

Sunday 'Herman' Strip For Nov. 2 Release
(E&P, 1952)

Clyde Lamb, who parlayed a 25-year sentence at the Indiana State Penitentiary into a success­ful career as a syndicated car­toonist, enters the Sunday field Nov. 2 with a one-third page full-color version of his "Herman" strip. The pantomime gag feature is distributed by the Register and Tribune Syndicate.

Mr. Lamb started the daily "Herman" strip three years ago, after his release from prison. He had begun drawing gag cartoons while serving time. The syndicate reports he is now "a highly re­spected citizen in his community, just as 'Herman' is a highly re­spected character on the pages of newspapers."


So is this new feature coming out or a commentary on an older cartoon--I'm slightly confused here! Especially since there is already a single panel daily called Herman.
Hi Mamafrog - All News of Yore items on the blog are news stories from the past. Please note the year listed under the headline.

The secret stories of cartoonists! I wonder what Lamb did to get a 25 year sentence....
Here is a listing of paperbacks that are known that reprinted his material (or new material by him)... I am just listing the dates of the earliest known printings for each series #, not later printings...

Title Imprint Series # 1st Release Date of Series#
Best Cartoons CREST BOOKS 114 1955
Best Cartoons CREST BOOKS 390 July 1960
Best Cartoons CREST BOOKS K714 May 1964
The Best Cartoons from Argosy ZENITH BOOKS ZB5 October 1958
Cartoon Fun GOLD MEDAL 383 March 1954
Cartoon Fun GOLD MEDAL 904 1959
Cartoon Fun GOLD MEDAL S1209 c January 1962
Cartoon Fun GOLD MEDAL S1498 1964
A Cartoon Guide To The Kinsey Report AVON BOOKS 559 1954
Cartoon Treasury BANTAM BOOKS F1558 January 1957
Forever Funny DELL FIRST EDITION 93 1956
Funny Side Up DELL BOOKS 607 1952
Jokes and More Jokes SCHOLASTIC BOOK SERVICES T-32 ?
Laughing on the Inside DELL BOOKS 754 1953
Nervous In The Service DELL FIRST EDITION 6298 December 1962
Office Laffs CREST BOOKS 159 February 1957
The Other Woman DELL FIRST EDITION A178 April 1959
Sex Rears Its Lovely Head BANTAM BOOKS 1523 October 1956
Still Too Funny For Words DELL BOOKS 8286 April 1964
Too Funny For Words A Book For People Who Can’t Read DELL FIRST EDITION 39 1954
Too Humorous to Mention POCKET BOOKS 1200 October 1958
Allan and Ray,

Lamb went to prison in Michigan City, Indiana, for armed robbery in 1942. He was released in 1947. Instead of the Birdman of Alcatraz, he was kind of the Cartoonist of Michigan City.

Thanks TH -- even Lamb's relatives have emailed me about this post claiming he didn't go to prison. Thanks for giving us the details!

Allan, I found more information over the last 2 years in my ancestry searches. I believe your note above was in response to our emails?

I am the grand-daugther of Gladys Lamb who was married to Clyde

I found some newspaper stories on Gladys lamb and clyde lamb

I've reconstructed the story from various newspaper articles below

according to newspaper articles in the hammond times hammond indiana (outside of chicago) gladys married clyde lamb aug 4 1934 he was 25 years old.

he was convicted on sep 4 1934 of 3robberies and sentenced to 25 years he was allowed to visit gladys in april 1935 who was "ill" and he didnt return, he escaped from the guard at train station and ran in front of a train and got away.

In July 1935 he was caught and put back in prison but not before he was shot by a police officer.

Gladys filed for divorce on sep 1 1937. the divorce was granted on Nov 1 1937

she gave birth to joan my mother on June 30 1938.

Gladys told me he was the love of her life. They were artists with a passion for life - she used to help him come up with ideas while he worked. I could tell you which strips are her ideas and which are his. I lived with her for 5 years as a teenager.

according to the birth
certificate of joan my mother her father (gladys 2nd husband?) was clyde barker but I am unable to locate any information on clyde barker anywhere in the US - I dont think he exsisted.

I am looking for that and more information on Clyde Lambs release date from prison. Gladys remarried him after his release - he died in 1966 according to what Gladys told me and she never remarried. Gladys died in 1983 in Arizona.

I do have some of his original work that was given to me from Glady's estate.

if you have questions you can email me at

Kathy N
Hi Kathy -
Thanks very much for the details on Clyde Lamb!

Best, Allan
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