Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dell Publishing's "The Funnies" Part 4

Here's Sancho and the Don by Ralph Wolfe. It sometimes appeared in the section as a color page, in my issue it's a half-tab black and white. Wolfe was a good cartoonist and storyteller -- he had a knack for coming up with good strip ideas. Unfortunately he also had a knack for picking out bad companies to work for. In addition to this Dell project he also worked for the Graphic Syndicate and Cornelius Vanderbilt's C-V Syndicate. I understand he finally managed to pick a winner when he went to Warner Brothers, working in their animation studio.


Hello, Allan---Is it possible that this was actually drawn by Gordon "Boody" Rogers? It certainly looks like his style, shading, and lettering. Even the initials "RG" ("Rogers Gordon"?) look like his signature. -----Cole Johnson.
Hi Cole -
It certainly could since Rogers was involved with The Funnies. His (signed) strip will be shown here anon. I can see elements of both Wolfe's and Roger's styles here -- maybe Boody inked Wolfe's pencils or something to that effect?

Ralph actually lives on, in that the Ralph Wolf (versus Sam Sheepdog) character at WB was named for him. (Source: Steve Schneider, "That's All Folks!", page 231, though the name is spelled Wolf there)
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