Saturday, November 29, 2008


Herriman Saturday

After a few days off to recover from his long string of Shriners cartoons, Herriman returns to the Examiner's pages on May 15 1907 with a cartoon commemorating the visit of British boxer Jimmy Lowes. I'm not sure why this was particularly newsworthy since the info I was able to find online indicated that Lowes only had a few major bouts at least a decade earlier.

The incredible political scandal trial of corrupt kingmaker Abe Ruef has begun in San Francisco, and Herriman on the 16th comments in this cartoon that Ruef could well bring down a whole raft of the bribe-givers. Sadly we'll see little of Herriman's commentary on this trial for awhile as he's about to begin a phase of mainly doing sports cartoons. I do love Herriman's perceptive and funny sports editorials, but the Ruef trial was one wild ride and it would be great fun to have Herriman's commentary throughout.


Looking through some papers from the time, Lowes was visiting the States as the trainer and manager to Jack Palmer, who was there for a transatlantic bout.

Lowes had been a boxer, (he was the first man to professionally fight Dick Burge, the best English lightweight of his day) but was by this time primarily known as one of the preeminant boxing trainers, managers, and bookmakers in England.
Thanks Tad, that makes some sense of the coverage.

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