Saturday, January 10, 2009


Herriman Saturday

Wednesday, June 12 1907 -- Herriman admonished Angelenos to get out and vote for the Owens River water project, a subject we've discussed earlier in connection with the Mayor Harper on Tour comic strip series. The 'pointing man' imagery was made famous in the "I Want You" posters of World War I with images of Lord Kitchener in England and Uncle Sam in the States. I for one didn't realize that the iconic pointing image pre-dated those, and Herriman here says "with Apologies to a Number of Advertisers", indicating that this was already a popular image in print advertising.

Perhaps a blog reader will educate us on the pre-WWI history of this iconic image?

Friday, June 14 1907 -- With manager Billy Nolan in San Francisco lining up the fight, Battling Nelson takes it into his own hands in LA to drum up interest for his upcoming match against Jimmy Britt.


If you haven't received many posts celebrating your posts of Herriman's LA Examiner work I'd guess it's because most of us are slack-jawed with awe. Pat Ford
Thanks Pat. I'd make a joke about my blog readers being slack-jawed without benefit of my magnificent blog, but in truth everyone I hear from is delightful and intelligent in their comments.

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