Saturday, March 21, 2009


Herriman Saturday

Wednesday, July 17 1907 -- As we saw last week on Herriman Saturday, tax assessor Ben Ward was having a bit of a time getting the Supervisors to go along with having L.A. corporations pay taxes based on the worth of their enterprises. Well, Ward scored a victory of sorts in the end when the board allowed the franchise tax to stand but cut assessments 25% across the board.

Wednesday, July 17 1907 -- The Angels sit atop the PCL standings, but lost in a heartbreaker on Tuesday. Some wild pitches spoiled a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the ninth, then Oakland came on strong in the 10th to edge the Angels 3-2. Herriman looks on the bright side in his cartoon.

Thursday, July 18 1907 -- A 45-year old Bob Fitzsimmons takes on Jack Johnson, looking to revive his glorious but now flagging ring career. Johnson, who was once Fitz's sparring partner, wastes no time sending the old man back into retirement. The fight lasted only two rounds and ended with a knockout.

This fight, a rare interracial match, was instrumental in paving the way for Johnson to get his rightful shot at the title.


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