Saturday, June 06, 2009


Herriman Saturday

Tuesday, September 3 1907 -- An auspicious debut for Ted Easterly, who commits several acts of impressive diamond derring-do so inspiring to the Angels' fans that they shower him with change after the game. Easterly is no flash in the pan, either. He'll bat .309 for the Angels in 1908, then graduate to an impressive seven season career in the majors.

Thursday, September 5 1907 -- A group referred to as the "Brooklyn Leaguers" makes an excursion out to Catalina island, and the event is important enough for the Examiner to send Herriman and a reporter to document it. Nowhere in the cartoon or the accompanying article is there a single word explaining just what the heck a "Brooklyn Leaguer" is -- anyone know?


This is just a guess but my grandfather's Uncle played semi-pro baseball/football in Brooklyn, NY. It was probably about this time or a little later. I saw newspaper clippings and a postcard of him in a baseball uniform when I was young.
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