Saturday, June 27, 2009


Herriman Saturday

Saturday, September 14 1907 -- Joe Gans returns to LA triumphant after his victory against Britt, now Memsic will get his chance.

Sunday, September 15 1907 -- Hen Berry, owner of the Angels, was presented recently with a large, gaudy opal tiepin by an admirer. The tiepin was presented as a good-luck charm, and the Angels did indeed promptly go on a bit of a tear. Berry took this as a sign that he would redouble his luck if the rest of his garb were as loud and obnoxious as the bauble now holding down his tie. So he bought himself a complete new wardrobe heavy on eye-blistering colors and miasmic patterns.

The story is of enough interest to merit a gigantic page-width Sunday cartoon and a long story from sportwriter C.E. Van Loan. Ah, the good old days when 'juiced' haberdashery was the biggest scandal reported in the sports section.


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